Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Map!

Yep, that is right I’m making a new map! I don’t know what to call it yet, maybe Coastal Warfare or something. From the title you’ve probably guessed it. This is a single player map set in the world of Half-Life 2 on the coastal chapters. Here are some screenshots. Click them to enlarge.


More to come later!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Source SDK Tutorial: Music

So you played Half-Life 2, and I'm sure you heard the epic music play while fighting headcrabs and destroying an alien empire with a single crowbar. I'm here you show you how to do that. The difficulty on this tutorial is: Easy.
So if you want music to play when you first start the level:

  1. Create a Logic_Auto entity.
  2. Create an Ambient_Generic entity.
  3. Double click the ambient_generic and give it a name. Something like song_01 will suffice.
  4. Next click Sound Name under the ambient_generic and click browse. Under the Sound Type drop down list click Raw.
  5. On the filter field type "song".
  6. Click a sound such as "music\hl2_song20_submix0.mp3" and click OK. Then hit Apply on the ambient_generic.
  7. Go to your Logic_Auto entity's properties and click the Outputs tab.
  8. Click "Add" and then on "My Output named" select "OnMapSpawn". For "Target Entities Named" pick the name of your ambient_generic, I put song_01. For "ViaThisInput" select "Play Sound". Click apply and then you are SO close to being done.
  9. Go back to the properties of your ambient_generic and click the "Flags" tab. Make sure all boxes are ticked.
  10. You're done! Compile your map (F9) and listen to your new tunes!
But what if you want music to play at certain parts of the level? Simple! These steps are just as easy as the last ones!

  1. Find the "Trigger" texture in your texture browser. And make a block where you want the player to step to make the music play. 
  2. Click the newly made block and press "CTRL and T". This will open a properties box. Where it says func_detail at the top, change it to trigger_once. Then hit apply.
  3. Click the Outputs tab. Then just as before click "Add" and on "My Output Named" select "OnStartTouch". For "Target Entities Named" select the name of your sound, like before it was song_01. For "ViaThisInput" select "PlaySound".
  4. Click apply and you are done! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Map Idea!

I got inspired by a map I played called Paranoia. Now I really want to make my own abstract, weird map. I have the first room done. You awake in a room almost like a cell. Here is a screenshot.
More screenshots will be posted as I progress with this map.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Video Tutorials Coming Soon

Some of my friends from Phoenixx's Build Server on Garry's Mod have been wanting some tutorials on how I make some maps. Well they would be here sooner but my hard drive crashed and now I have to re-download the Half-Life 2 games and the Source SDK. Once those are finished expect some shiny new tutorials.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

WIP: Northern Petrol Lobby 2

I've changed the name to Veikko because it really doesn't look like a Petrol producing plant. I've now got the cafeteria done. Here are some screenshots of it. I'll also be adding some stuff like windows and air ducts around the place to give more detail. But here are some early screenshots.
Center of the cafe.

Cooking room.
So much more to do today. I got my first day of school tomorrow, so I really gotta work hard today.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

WIP: Northern Petrol Lobby

As the great Cakebread said, "To truly gain experience you must do things that put your skills to the test and work within your comfort zone." Or something like that. But anyways, to put my geometry and lighting skills to the test I'll be making this map. Its based off the fictional Half-Life 2 company, Northern Petrol. I'll be making the ground floor that consists of the following: a server room, main lobby, lower offices, and the worker's lounge. I have the server room done, and I am currently working on the main lobby. Here are some screenshots.
Inside the server room.
Another view of the server room hall.

Server room window, and hall leading to an unfinished lobby.
As you can tell from the above pictures I'm going for a clean blue lighting scheme. This complements the tile walls, ceilings, and the contrasting tile floor. Until I get the lobby done this will be all for now!

Welcome To My Portfolio!

Welcome to my online portfolio! I'll be using this blog to showcase what I make in various game engines that include but are not limited to, Unreal Engine, Source, and the CryEngine. So yeah, lets get to mapping! :D